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Luxury Redefined

We have redefined what it means to design and build luxury homes. It is no longer acceptable to simply build more space and cover it all with ostentatious ornament. We live in a new era. And modern green homes by Elemental Homes are the answer.

A home should be more than the sum of its spaces. We at Elemental Homes believe people can have better lives if they only had better places to live. Our modern green homes make this possible by taking home design and construction to the next level.

A modern green home is one that doesnít just consume energy, but produces its own. It is a home that isnít filled with countless rooms you never use, but rather is flexible and provides spaces you can use in many ways. A modern green home isnít filled with superfluous faux-historical styling, but rather reinforces simplicity and clarity in your life through beautiful, elegant lines and spaces. In this new era, less is definitely more.

Elemental Homes is based on a philosophy of balancing the overlapping values of modern design, sustainability, and quality craftsmanship. Stylish, conscious, and crafted are at the foundation of everything we do. If you believe in our values and you want a home that consumes less energy and water, has healthy air, is durable and beautiful, and will bring clarity to your life, then contact us and we can get started changing the way you live.

People can have better lives if they only had better places to live.

Elemental - The harmonius integration of simplicity and nature