Custom Modern Furniture

We define elemental as the harmonious integration of simplicity and nature.  We build furniture using honest forms and materials to create clarity in your home.  Our goal is to create objects that have a value beyond their price because they aren’t just functional and attractive; they are essential elements to your life. 

As architects working in the domain of furniture, we are taking the desire to positively affect people’s life to the next logical step.  By creating furniture we can further impact the experience of place and how one interacts with their environment. Our education and experience in architecture has taught us to understand how people interact with space and objects, how they move and react to their environment.  We wanted to create furniture to allow people to move beyond the psychological aspects of building design to the physical, where one becomes familiar with the tactile qualities of design.  

Our furnishings combine high style and function made available to all consumers.  It is our democratic approach to form making where we craft furniture that anyone can appreciate and use.  Elemental furnishings are the essential elements to a stylish life.

To create furniture that is timeless and lasting we use the finest woods, metals, and textiles.  The materials we select must be considered not only for their individual aesthetic qualities, but also for their ergonomics.  These carefully chosen materials provide identity and strength to each piece of furniture we build.