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Energy Elements

We are all responsible for meeting the challenge of our future global energy needs. Elemental Homes are designed to tackle this challenge. Designing an energy efficient home is a three step process. First you have to create a highly efficient envelope. Second, heating, cooling, and electrical needs must be accommodated as efficiently as possible. Third, renewable energy should be generated on-site to offset or replace energy needed from the utility company.

Elemental Homes achieve all of the above. Efficient planning and layouts allow our homes to live large and consume less. The exterior walls and roofs are super-insulated and air-tight. Heating, cooling, and hot water are supplied using ultra-efficient ground source heat pumps that draw energy from the earth itself. Lighting and appliances are energy efficient, using up to 50% less energy than equivalent equipment in a typical home. Electricity is generated from photovoltaic solar panels utilizing our most abundant natural resource to cut electricity drawn from the grid. These strategies produce a home that is not only efficient and cost effective to operate, but also a home that is more responsible and comfortable year round.

Elemental Homes live large and consume less