Human Elements

Elemental Homes embody the principles of refuge, privacy and connection to nature, providing a place you can call home.

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Spaces we inhabit should elicit comfort and safety. Humans prefer spaces that have daylight, natural ventilation, visual and textural diversity, proper spatial proportions, and natural materials. Well designed spaces provide sensory conditions that lead to positive emotions, making people feel relaxed and happy. Elemental Homes embody these principles, providing a warm and modern house that creates a sense of refuge, and privacy. A place you can call home.

Natural materials are used throughout the home including woods, stones, and metals. Materials are varied in texture, color, and scale to provide visual interest and a tactile quality to the home. Proportions of rooms and heights of ceilings are designed to not only maximize functionality, but also to enhance a sense of airiness and ease. Windows are large and strategically placed, allowing soothing daylight and gentle breezes to penetrate into every room of the house. Elemental Homes connect humans back to nature.