The Essential Home

The foundation of our firm is based on the concept behind our name – elemental.  We incorporated the many meanings of the word elemental into a new definition that reflects our ideology – the harmonious integration of simplicity and nature.  Something that is an essential part of a larger whole is elemental. Something that is vital yet basic is elemental. Something that is a fundamental part of nature is elemental.  In essence, something that is modern and sustainable is elemental.

Our architecture reflects the values of this new definition.  Our architecture is simple and enduring. Our architecture gets back to the basics of doing things right and doing them well.  Our architecture connects with nature on technological, literal, and human levels. In brief, Elemental Architecture is simple, timeless and sustainable.

Redefining Green, Modern Residential Architecture

At Elemental Homes, we specialize in crafting high-performance, luxury homes, created with a focus on beauty, comfort and energy efficiency. Our homes are built to last, and designed to remain energy efficient throughout their lifetime.

Our approach to modern residential architecture provides a sustainable housing alternative that will reduce carbon emissions, lower operating costs, and create a healthier environment indoors and out.

But more than that, we’re committed to combining these baseline principles with a modern sensibility that puts your comfort and aesthetic taste at the forefront of every design choice and construction decision we make – from high-quality finishes to water-wise landscaping.

Energy Efficiency – We’re committed to helping you save money over the lifetime of your home, while at the same time, protecting our environment by pursuing aggressive performance standards when it comes to energy efficiency. American homeowners are increasingly concerned about the state of our energy supply. Crafting beautiful, energy efficient dwellings may be the most effective way to mitigate the impact we have on it (and the impact it has on all of our bottom lines).

At Elemental Homes, we take a lot of pride in addressing these concerns in a way that emphasizes beauty and performance. No detail is left unexamined, from site selection, building orientation, and landscaping options, to smart materials and technology that help reduce overall energy consumption, keep emissions under control, limit natural resource depletion and manage waste generation. All while maintaining a healthy, comfortable living environment.

Natural Light (or Daylighting) – Let the sunshine in! Daylighting your home has a host of beneficial effects, from improving your moods and health, to helping you see better with less eye strain, to reducing your electric bill. During the winter, natural light helps to keep you warm and upbeat.

We design with light in mind from the very beginning, optimizing your home’s orientation on your lot, providing plenty of energy-efficient windows, crafted from the latest insulated glazing and low-e glass.

Air Quality – We all know that getting fresh air is one of the most important benefits of getting outside. But clean, fresh indoor air is just as important. That’s why we take care to select materials that minimize indoor air pollution, like formaldehyde-free wall coverings and coatings, richly colored Low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), and Zero-VOC paints that are specifically designed to reduce the emission of toxic gases as they dry and cure. And of course, advanced HVAC systems.

Proper ventilation and air conditioning is also critical for your family’s comfort. Keeping moisture at an appropriate level, clearing your kitchen of smoke and odors, and filtering pet hair, dust and other allergens helps ensure that the air your family breathes is safe, healthy and comfortable.

Better indoor air quality also helps keep your furniture, wall treatments, carpets, and other finishes mold-free and fresh.

Maintenance & Durability – Elemental homes are built to last, combining quality craftsmanship, with an eye for design that’s both up-to-the-moment, and timeless.

Besides beauty and comfort, we design your home for optimum efficiency when it comes to to the flow of heat, air, water, and moisture, enhancing durability and minimizing unnecessary maintenance tasks. That means you can spend your time gardening in your backyard, cooking in your beautiful kitchen, or grilling on your spacious, comfortable patio.

Indoor Water Usage – We choose kitchen and bathroom fixtures with an eye for beauty, a passion for functionality and an obsession with water-wise efficiency. Today’s faucets, shower heads and toilets combine low-flow efficiency with the same warmth and pressure you’re accustomed to – while saving thousands of gallons and hundreds of dollars over their lifetimes.

Water Wise Landscaping – In addition to selecting low flow fixtures, we also landscape for responsible water conservation, utilizing the latest water-efficient irrigation systems, irrigation control systems, low-flow sprinkler heads, and beautiful Xeriscaping.