Stylish | Conscious | Crafted

Sustainable home design by Elemental Homes combines comfort and livability with advanced building and fabrication processes to create inspired spaces that are more than the sum of their components. Our LEED-certified architects, designers, and builders are committed to matching beautiful design with peak energy efficiency, pure indoor air quality, and earth-friendly methodologies.

It’s all part of our mission to transform luxury housing from a paradigm defined by excess and waste, to a more responsible, human, and humane scale.

Efficient | Cost Effective | Comfortable

Even among our peers and competitors in the sustainable house design industry, Elemental Homes aims to stand out, complementing our sustainable home design principles with a commitment to beauty and craft.

Our designers, builders, and architects have honed a powerful combination of distinctively modern design and exceptional energy performance. This integrated approach to sustainable home design uniquely equips Elemental Homes to create inspired designs – tailored to your particular needs and desires, as well as your sense of style and environmental stewardship.